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Preventive maintenance is a service provided by MP Air Conditioning to keep your air conditioning units running well. It is best to keep your systems tuned up annually as it will help prevent potential problems later on. 

Benefits of preventative maintenance:

- Increases energy efficiency

- Improves system performance

- Helps prevent inconvenient and costly breakdowns

- Extends equipment lifespan

- Maintains system's safe operation.

Here is a detailed list of the individual operations we will perform on your air conditioning & heating system:

- Tighten terminal connections
- Clean and calibrate thermostat
- Take indoor wet bulb temperature
- Ensure air handler balance rotation, check bearings & lubrication
- Ensure blower housing mounts and fasteners are tightInspect.      - Replace customer supplied filter

- Inspect wiring and connections
- Inspect and clean burners
- Examine contactor, capacitors and other controls
- Ensure evaporator coil is clean
- Ensure condensate drain is clear
- Inspect and clean condenser coil
- Inspect condenser fan motor and blades (oil motor if applicable)
- Record suction and discharge pressures
- Record fan motor and compressor amps
- Outdoor dry bulb temperature
- Ensure operation of reversing valve
- Inspect defrost controls
- Check for proper airflowInspect induced draft blower
- Inspect draft pressure switch and connections
- Take amp draw on elements

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